The man needs no introduction or explanation. One half of the mighty Tenacious D, Kyle Gass has literally made history, co-invented a genre, and created a substantial body of work over the years. He's played 100's upon 100's of shows across the globe, and has often been imitated by countless weekend warrior guitarists, tribute-band wannabees, and dorm-room drunks. The thing that they're all missing is KG's immense talent and perfect timing.. well, also no one can play the flute or recorder quite like him either.

The Kyle Gass Band came as a result of KG's desire to assemble his most talented group of musical friends and fill in some shows when Tenacious D has down time. The demise of Trainwreck in early 2011 created an opportunity to do a page-one- re-write on what Kyle wanted out of a side-project. And also what others would very likely want, which was more freakin' KG awesomeness and a killer flippin' band!

  Singer/Guitarist/Multi-instrumentalist Mike Bray was hand-selected by KG to front The Kyle Gass Band. Mike came to Los Angeles in 2007 and began playing in Band Of Bigfoot, an amazing quartet of guys dressed in sasquatch garb playing awesome jams like "Yeti For Love." After doing some shows in the Pacific Northwest opening for KG's Trainwreck, Kyle noticed a raw talent that might fit nicely in another project if the time presented itself. And sure enough it did.

Still a member of Band Of Bigfoot, Mike jumped at the chance to lose the hairy sauna from time to time and jam with The Kyle Gass Band. I mean, who wouldn't?!?

  Guitarist/Singer John Konesky has been with KG since the very beginnings of his first side-project Trainwreck. In that time he's had the distinguished pleasure of backing up Tenacious D live, and in the studio on Pick Of Destiny, Rize of the Fenix, and Jazz. John has shared the stage with the D at some of their biggest shows, including Rock am Ring, Reading and Leeds, and Bonnaroo, as well as sold out shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC, MEN Arena in Manchester to name a few. Not to mention a pile of TV appearances including Saturday Night Live, Fallon, Conan, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel, amongst others.

He's also a well-known session guitarist who's played on many different albums and soundtracks. As a composer, he scored the documentary Manos De Madre, and has written many instrumental guitar pieces that have been used as score in various films such as the indie hit Brainwashed Love, and D-tour (A Tenacious Documentary). KG and John also host the internet-guitar-show called "Guitarings." A totally new format for teaching and learning about everything "guitar."

  Jason Keene (Bassist, Harmonica) has toured throughout the United States, Japan, and Canada with Tupelo Chain Sex, Cruis-O-Matic, Maggies Farm, and David Halliday, and has recorded with Russ Kunkel, Joey Altruda, Waddie Wachtel, Benmont Tench, Michael Landau, Alison MacLeod, Molly Bryant and other great artists. On hiatus for the better part of the 00's, KG coaxed Jason back into playing rock and roll after they reconnected an old friendship and Kyle noticed his incredible musical prowess on not only the bass, but both the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

In addition to being a phenomenal musician, Jason is also an audiophile and collector of rare vinyl, as well as the owner of one of the greatest collections of laser discs known to man.

  Drummer Tim Spier joined forces with KG and the boys in May of 2014 after being referred to John Konesky by Tenacious D bassist and studio wiz John Spiker. Upon meeting and jamming with the band, Kyle told him, “Dude. Drop everything. Come on the road. You’ve just hit the jackpot. A more rocking band you will not find.” He happily obliged, and has been melting faces across the globe with the Kyle Gass Band ever since.

When not on the road, Tim is an active session and freelance drummer for various artists around the Los Angeles area. He earned his Bachelors in Music from Cal State Northridge and began working as a full time musician upon graduating. He also writes for film and television with production music pros The Wizardz of Oz. Tim has toured through Europe, Japan, the US, and Canada with the Monterey Jazz Festival All Star Band, Say No More, Uh Huh Her, Megan Nicole, The Goodnight, and many others.